The Carmel, a private place of silence and peace

The Carmelite convent in Vinça was originally, in the late sixteenth century, a branch of the Capuchin community in Prades, at a time when Franciscan monks were a strong presence in Roussillon. The convent was a modest one-story building with a chapel dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin. The Capuchins were well integrated in the community and supported the inhabitants during the period when plagues were common and Spanish and French troops passed through the region, while continuing their preaching and receiving confessions. In 1793 the capuchins were expelled from their convent and it was sold as a national property. In 1841 the Molins family purchased it and returned it to its vocation. On November 11th 1861 with the help of the then bishop of Perpignan, Montsignor Gerbet, mother Mathilde de L’Enfant Jesus came from Nice to establish a convent of Carmelites who obeyed the reforms of Saint Theresa d’Avila. They, in turn, were expelled in 1901 but returned in 1920 to re-establish the presence of God by their life of prayer ,in the village. Their mission and vocation continues today.