The church of Saint Julien and Sainte Baselisse

In 1600 the inhabitants of Saorla(Sahorle) expressed the need for a church closer to them than the parochial one in Vinça. In order to finance such a project the Viscount of Joch, master of the hamlet gave them permission to levy various taxes in their community. The construction of the church began a few years later as is evident from the date of 1628 on its Conflent marble font. In 1629 a mass was celebrated by the curate of Joch in spite of the prerogative which the priests in Vinça had to administer the sacraments to the inhabitants of Saorla. At the end of 1646 the case had not still been resolved by the metropolitan Court of Tarragona and the two sides, weary of the expenses and costs  involved, agreed to settle their differences out of court, thanks to the Viscountess of Joch. Earlier, Gregory Parcero,Bishop of Elne had granted permission to celebrate the mass in Saorla.

The church is dedicated to Saint Madeleine, probably to perpetuate the devotions in her memory as her chapel in the hermitage of Nantilla had been abandoned. Inside Saint Madeleine is shown with her luxuriant hair, stretched out in contemplation in her grotto.There are also the remains of an altar piece from 1710, a statue of Saint Galdric and two small statues of Saints Peter and Paul.