The fair ground

On 7th July 1844, the Municipality, under the mandate of Dominique Verges bought a parcel of land, known as the “Amoreres” for 3000 francs in order to create a fairground which was later enlarged and planted with plane trees in 1847.

The cattle fair:

For the festival of Saint Andrew, at the end of November every year, the fairground was very lively and always attracted great crowds. Horses, cattle and sheep were traded and the main street was taken over by merchants who did a roaring trade.

The development of the fairground:

Very soon shopkeepers, craftsmen and a blacksmith set up their trades around the fairground and in 1857 the primary school was built .That same year the plane trees were planted and an income of 850 Francs from the sale of wood paid for the installation of the benches, a beautiful fountain and a luxuriant lawn; electricity lightning was installed in the side aisles and a public wash house topped by a solid roof was built; it no longer exists.

Vinça “en fête”:

In the 1950’s throughout the weekend of the church patron saints feast day, a fun fair with roundabouts came to the fairground; this gave great pleasure to all the children who came attired in their best clothes .Since 2012, a “cattle breeders” fair has been a feature on the site every May. This maintains the tradition of the great fairs of the past, a return to its original purpose.